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Monogatari Novels Announces First Danmei Novel with THE LEGENDARY MASTER’S WIFE

Monogatari Novels took to Twitter (X) to announce their acquisition of the danmei novel series, The Legendary Master’s Wife.

The Legendary Master’s Wife (傳說之主的夫人) is a cultivation danmei novel written by Yin Ya. It was serialized on LC Read where it launched in 2013 and ran for 731 chapters. Fully translated into English by fans, the series has seen quite a bit of popularity in Western danmei circles, providing a lengthy and entertaining crash course into many long-established story tropes and cultivation practices not seen in more widely known titles such as Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation.

Monogatari Novels provides the following synopsis:

After a sudden and unfortunate explosion, You Xiaomo wakes up in a body and a world that aren’t his own. With his name being the only remaining thing left that’s still familiar to him, he has to adapt quickly to his new situation, which is as fantastical as it is dire: he has taken over the life of a probationary disciple of the Tianxin sect, and he has six months to prove his worth as a mage or he’ll be expelled.

Determined to make a good life for himself in this new world, You Xiaomo goes all out to learn about it, refine magic pills and level up to earn money. This is how he stumbles upon Ling Xiao, the number one practitioner and rumored successor of the Tianxin sect. While this seems to be a stroke of good luck, You Xiaomo soon discovers, to his horror, that Ling Xiao is neither who he claims to be nor what he seems to be.

With over 700 chapters of content, The Legendary Master’s Wife is the longest danmei novel licensed for English release to date. In a follow-up FAQ, Monogatari Novel reps estimate each book in their edition of The Legendary Master’s Wife will be approximately 500-600 pages, culminating in 10-15 volumes in total. As a point of comparison, The Husky and His White Cat Shizun Vol. 1—released in English by Seven Seas Entertainment—was 520 pages, including the additional backmatter, and contained chapters 1-45.

Previously a Thai-translated ten-volume print edition was released by Hermit Books.

The Legendary Master's Wife Vol. 1 - Thai Edition
The Legendary Master’s Wife Vol. 1 Thai Edition from Hermit Books
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No translator or artist information for The Legendary Master’s Wife was shared with the announcement, though they will be commissioning new artwork for “stationary” that will be available with the first volume’s Collector’s Edition, as well as an acrylic standee. Each volume of the series will be printed as both hardcover and paperback versions, with the hardcover being available only for those who preorder. The preorder window will remain open until Spring 2024.

  • Regular Edition ($20 USD)
    Paperback & goodies
  • Special Edition ($24 USD)
    Paperback & goodies & standee
  • Collector’s Edition ($28 USD)
    Hardcover & goodies & standee

Digital editions have also been confirmed as part of the license.

UPDATE [September 8 2023]: Monogatari Novels posted on Twitter (X) that the series’ translator, Rara, will be providing several black & white illustrations throughout the books. The covers will be illustrated by a different artist who has yet to be announced.

UPDATE [August 27, 2023]: Monogatari Novels posted on Twitter (X) that they’ve partnered with fan translation group Exiled Rebels for their English edition of The Legendary Master’s Wife. Their website currently credits Rara as the translator, and Addis as the series’ editor.

Exiled Rebels, a team consisting of different collaborators, was responsible for the fan translation of the series currently in circulation online. It’s been claimed that part of the translation was done via machine translation (MTL), a process where text is run through an automated translation program such as Google Translate instead of being done manually by someone fluent in the originating language. This has led to concerns from some about the quality. When asked about the group’s involvement, Monogatari Novels elaborated with the following Q/A via their Twitter (X) account:

What’s the difference between the published version and the version already on ExR’s site?
ExR is going to retranslate most of the novel for the official publication, updating the terms and editing the text to make it consistent across all 731 chapters.

Will Monogatari check/proofread ExR’s translation?
Yes. The process with ExR will be the same we follow with any other translator. Their work will go through our usual quality assurance procedures.

Thank you for bringing up this concern. We have determined that this translator counts with sufficient proficiency in both Chinese and English to be in charge of this project. No MTL will be used for this title or any other title we publish. [Source: Twitter (X), Reply]

Monogatari Novels has not directly commented on additional concerns regarding Exiled Rebels. The existing translation of The Legendary Master’s Wife will be taken down from the Exiled Rebels website “before the release of volume 1”. [Source: Twitter (X) ]

In an additional reply, it was confirmed this English release would be uncensored. [Source: Twitter (X)]

A recent tweet from Monogatari Novel’s Spanish Twitter (X) account announced the publisher had sold out of copies of the Spanish edition of their recently released Japanese novel series A Weaver Spins a Tale of Blind Love Vol. 1, with no indication they intend to reprint. Single runs are not uncommon for smaller publishers and mark the importance of preorders to have the highest likelihood of securing a copy.

Preorders for The Legendary Master’s Wife Vol. 1 are available for now exclusively on Monogatari Novel’s website, with a projected release window of Summer 2024. There is no information yet on if the books will be available to preorder from any other retailer, or made available in physical stores.

UPDATE [August 27, 2023]: Monogatari Novel followed up their announcement with confirmation that The Legendary Master’s Wife will be available to purchase via retailers such as Amazon in the future. However, the collector’s edition will remain exclusive to their online store. [Source: Twitter (X)]

Monogatari Novels is a Spain-based publisher who recently debuted in the English market with a mix of Japanese and Chinese licensed books. Their first danmei announcement was The Silent Concubine manhua series which is scheduled to release in February 2024.

Source: Monogatari Novel’s Official Twitter (X) Account