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Who We Are

Welcome to DanmeiNews.com—your dedicated source for the latest news and updates in the English-translated danmei industry. We’re a team of passionate fans, translators, and publishing industry professionals who love this genre and want to give fans a reliable place to get simple and trustworthy information.

We know that following news on social media can be confusing and intimidating, misinformation is everywhere and sometimes you just want the news without everything else, so that’s why we’re here! We’ll keep you in the loop with the newest licenses, release updates, cover reveals, shopping resources, and general developments in the blossoming industry of English danmei. We’re not aiming to be the first to post to anything, and we’re not aiming to be the ones who post everything—we’re aiming to be a simple to use, safe to trust, and efficiently archived resource to make following danmei news easier than ever.

Thank you for visiting, and we look forward to growing and celebrating danmei with you!

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What will this site cover?

DanmeiNews.com will be covering news and providing information that pertains to the English-translated danmei industry, meaning works that have been licensed with the intent to distribute either in print or digital. This ranges from books you’ll see in stores, shows you can stream online, webtoons you can read, and merchandise you can purchase through reputable sources.

We acknowledge the massive importance of the fan community, its translations, and its sharing of works which are the defining factors in danmei’s growing popularity. However, we will not be reporting on, or distributing, unauthorized content such as scanlations and fan translations done without an author’s or right holder’s consent. We support authors and publishers being compensated for the stories we love so much and encourage all our readers to do what is within their means to give back to them via official channels.

Books are added to the Book Catalog when a preorder link or release information becomes available.

How to Get in Touch

If you wish to get in touch with the admins of DanmeiNews.com, please utilize the form on our contact page.

At this time, DanmeiNews.com is operating with comment sections on individual posts or book catalog entries disabled.


DanmeiNews.com officially soft-launched in June 2023. Posts prior to this date on the website were added for legacy purposes to represent select milestone moments in danmei’s English industry history. They may not be as detailed or varied as those on the website moving forward, and the archive will continue to be expanded over time.

Some external links on this website may be part of affiliate programs that provide payment or reward to DanmeiNews.com for any purchases made upon clicking them.

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