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Monogatari Novels Licenses Baihe Manhua Series SOULMATE

Monogatari Novels made waves on Twitter when it announced its license acquisition of baihe manhua series, Soulmate.

Baihe is a term synonymous with yuri, or GL (girls’ love), and is primarily used for China-produced media with a central focus on the romantic relationship between two women. The genre has a passionate fanbase who have been eager to see baihe officially licensed for print in English.

Soulmate is a webtoon that was originally serialized on Kuaikan Comics [app only] in 2020. The series was written by Wenzhi Lizi (文枝栗子, credited as Taryn on Tapas) and co-written and illustrated by Keran Bing (可燃冰, credited as Rae on Tapas). It’s complete at 40 chapters.

Monogatari Novels describes the series as:

“Qi went to sleep embraced by her girlfriend, Yuanzi. However, when she opened her eyes she realized that she had been transported 10 years back to the past, back when she was still in high school. While she sees this as an opportunity to save the love of her life, what she doesn’t realize is that her teenage self is in her adult body, 10 years into the future, and has no clue about the life Qi has built or how precious the time she has left with Yuanzi is. No matter the time, no matter the age, their love resonates as they stand by each other’s side. Will they be able to conquer fate?”

Soulmate was previously licensed for English digital releases by Tapas Media and INKR, both with unique translation and lettering. The series was very popular on the former with over 41K subscribers, with the first four chapters available to read for free.

Monogatari Novel’s print edition of the series will be two volumes long, with the first being 424 pages, and released on March 4, 2024. The translator is credited as Lera for the English edition. While this credit differs from the Tapas version, it could not be verified via INRK’s website if the same translator was used as no staff is credited. Monogatari Novel’s regular edition is retailing at $21.95 USD with a special edition that comes with an acrylic standee being sold for $26.95 USD.

Though the announcement photo for Soulmate shows a hardcover, the publisher clarified in a tweet that this would be a paperback with a dust jacket. The Amazon page for volume one lists it with a 5.5in x 8.25in trim size.

While preorders for Soulmate Vol. 1 and Soulmate Vol. 2 were available on Amazon last week, prior to the official announcement, the option to preorder has since been removed. Based on a listing for another Monogatari Novel series, A Weaver Spins a Tale of Blind Love, the publisher has signed up with Cardinal Publishers Group as the North American distributor for their releases. That series is available at a variety of retailers, suggesting Monogatari Novel’s other series, like Soulmate and the previously announced The Silent Concubine, will be as well.

Both editions of Soulmate Vol. 1 are available to preorder directly from Monogatari Novel’s website.

Source: Official Monogatari Twitter Account