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New Publisher Monogatari Novels Announces English Print License for Danmei Manhua THE SILENT CONCUBINE

A new publisher has entered the English danmei scene—the recently launched Monogatari Novels revealed their upcoming print publication for The Silent Concubine manhua series.

The Silent Concubine is a manhua based on the novel series 哑奴 by Qiang Tang. The manhua adaptation is illustrated by Bai Li Jun Xi and has been serialized on Kuaikan Manhua since 2020. An official English translation has since been published digitally by a variety of webtoon platforms, including Webcomics, Renta, Pocket Comics, INKR, and more. The cover used in Monogatari Novel’s announcement uses the same logo design as many of those websites, suggesting it will likely be the same translation as well.

Monogatari Novels describes the series as:

The Prince Commander of the North harbors a desire to take the daughter of the Shen family as his concubine. To secure a better life for his adoptive mother in her old age, Shen Yu, a mute servant in the household, decides to conceal his true gender and assume the identity of the daughter. However, Shen Yu lives in constant fear that if his ruse is discovered, he will face execution. Surprisingly, to his surprise and relief, instead of exposing him, the Prince Commander becomes even more captivated by Shen Yu’s presence…but is that truly a fortunate turn of the events?

The print edition will come with an art sheet and five bookmarks. The release date for volume one is February 5th, 2024, with preorders currently only available via the Monogatari Novels website.

Monogatari Novels launched in April 2023 and describes itself as an “Independent publisher that aims to bring light novels, manga, manhua, manhwa and much more!” They also specifically mentioned “Chinese novels” in a tweet, which lead many to assume that danmei was an eventuality due to its current booming popularity in English markets.

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Source: Monogatari Novels Official Twitter Account