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Monogatari Novels Reveals First Volume Cover for The Legendary Master’s Wife Novel Series

Monogatari Novels has revealed the first cover for their upcoming English-translated edition of The Legendary Master’s Wife.

The Legendary Master’s Wife Vol. 1 has exclusive new cover artwork drawn by Lisa Buijteweg, also known as Zolaida. They will be providing covers for all volumes of the series, which Monogatari Novels has previously stated will have between 10-15 volumes in total.

No release date has yet been given for the debut volume, although preorders are currently available on the publisher’s website with a projected timeline of Summer 2024.

Volumes of The Legendary Master’s Wife are being released as three separate editions:

  • Regular Edition ($20 USD)
    Paperback & goodies
  • Special Edition ($24 USD)
    Paperback & goodies & standee
  • Collector’s Edition ($28 USD)
    Hardcover & goodies & standee

The Legendary Master’s Wife is a cultivation danmei series written by Yin Ya, with its English license initially announced in August 2023.

Source: Monogatari Novels X (Twitter)