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New Publisher AlohaComics Succeeds in Kickstarter Goals; Announces Manhua DAY OFF and HERE U ARE for 2024 Release

A new publisher on the scene, AlohaComics, concluded their successful Kickstarter in December 2023 and have officially sent off two danmei manhua to print—Day Off by Dailygreens and Here U Are by DJun. Both series are scheduled for an early 2024 release.

AlohaComics also secured the license for two more high-profile manhua adaptations that danmei fans may find exciting: the legendary historical drama Nirvana in Fire, and Link Click, the recent sci-fi donghua from the same studio that made the hit Heaven Official’s Blessing donghua.

Image depicting the rewards for backing AlohaComics' Kickstarter

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AlohaComics is a comics publisher based out of Honolulu, Hawaii that launched in 2020. They initially focused on horror art books and comics under the ParaBooks imprint, but pivoted focus in 2023 to manga, manhua, and manhwa.

Their Kickstarter initially went live on Oct 6, 2023, and by its conclusion on December 5, it had more than doubled its initial goal of $50,000 USD and was supported by over 1,600 unique backers. Kickstarter backers could receive exclusive extra goodies by supporting the project, which AlohaComics has stated are exclusive to supporters and will not be available in the future.

The publisher has supplied the following summaries for their upcoming danmei works.

Day Off, by Dailygreens:

The “Day Off” manhua will show you how fun an office routine can be!

Meet Chief Shi, a strict (but secretly gentle) manager, and his cute naughty subordinate Hua. They try so hard to hide their relationship from their colleagues, only to find themselves in the most hilarious situations.

Here U Are, by DJun:

Here U Are is a story of incredible chemistry between two very different characters.

Li Huan is a college freshman, quick to push people away. Yu Yang’s job is to help new students like him… But how can he approach such a gloomy giant?! As they gradually grow closer, the two of them will experience many things: good, bad, and sometimes even dangerous.

AlohaComics’ manhua will be available for purchase in all major U.S. bookstores, as well as on U.S./E.U. Amazon. They provide regular sneak peeks and release updates on their Twitter.