Season two of the LINK CLICK donghua is airing now! You may have seen the stylish promo images—and those two attractive, suspiciously friendly male leads—and wondered to yourself, “Is LINK CLICK a danmei?”


LINK CLICK (时光代理人, lit. Time Agents) is an original-source donghua that began airing in 2021. It was collaboratively created by Studio LAN and Haoliners, and directed by Haoling Li. Haoliners is best known as the animation studio behind the donghua adaptation of the danmei novel Heaven Official’s Blessing, and previously made the donghua series, Spiritpact.

LINK CLICK is a modern mystery thriller with a touch of sci-fi, thanks to the leads’ mysterious abilities to leap through time and space via photographs. It follows Cheng Xiaoshi (voiced by Su Shangqing in Mandarin and Alejandro Saab in English) and Lu Guang (voiced by Yang Tianxiang in Mandarin and Zeno Robinson in English) as they solve crimes, fix relationships, and help their clients gather information to crack mysteries.

English licensor Funimation describes it as:

Action/Adventure, Fantasy
Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang use superpowers to enter clientele’s photos one by one, no matter how dangerous. Welcome to “Time Photo Studio”!

Season one is eleven episodes long, and season two is currently airing as of Summer 2023. A special season aired between the two containing eighteen episodes of chibi-style shorts.

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Is it Danmei?

Although the series focuses on two male characters with intense chemistry, their relationship is strictly platonic. This means that officially—by the story and genre designation—that no, LINK CLICK is not a danmei.

Even if the creators wanted to explore a romance, China’s regulations concerning depictions of same-sex relationships mean it is unlikely that Lu Guang and Cheng Xiaoshi will ever be more than friends. That being said, there are some promotional materials and merchandise that show them to be very, very good ones.

Then Why Should Danmei Fans Watch LINK CLICK?

LINK CLICK does not portray any canonical same-sex romantic relationships, but the characters are realistic and the friendships are intense. Lu Guang’s stoic, level-headed personality complements Cheng Xiaoshi’s more playful attitude in a way that might feel familiar to danmei fans without seeming stale. The story’s stakes see them conflicting with and relying on one another in turn.

In addition to compelling character dynamics, the structure of the story is fascinating. Season one’s plot lines may not seem interconnected at first, but the effect is both satisfying and exhilarating when they come together.  The series balances fast-paced action and comedy with slower emotional scenes, which allows viewers to connect with the characters and internalize the story. The writing is smart—especially in the infamous last episodes of the first season—and the characters’ abilities both supernatural and otherwise are pushed to their limits.

The character designs were created by Korean artist INPLICK. The openings and endings for both seasons are catchy and visually stunning—the season two opening in particular is a marvel of technical prowess, as it can be played both forward and in reverse without losing visual or audio coherency.

If you prefer live-action dramas, staff have announced that a live-action LINK CLICK drama prequel is in the works. Liu Chang is slated to direct, and a 2024 release is estimated.

Who is LINK CLICK Appropriate For?

LINK CLICK is rated TV-14 on Funimation.  The series does not shy away from sensitive content such as kidnapping, violence, and suicide. As a sci-fi mystery thriller that relies heavily on suspense, it may not be the best choice if you’re looking for something light and fluffy.

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Where Can Viewers Watch LINK CLICK?

All seasons of LINK CLICK can be watched on Funimation in Mandarin with a limited variety of subtitling languages, provided you have a premium subscription. It also provides fully dubbed episodes of season one in English. The first episode is available for free on BiliBili, a Chinese video streaming service, but all subsequent episodes require a paid subscription. This includes the company’s episodes on YouTube. Crunchyroll has dubs available in many languages for the first season and a variety of subbing languages for the second. Crunchyroll is free to watch with ads, or you can watch ad-free with a subscription. Season two is currently airing every Thursday on the same streaming services.

LINK CLICK Is Worth The Link Click

LINK CLICK is a unique, well-designed series, and it’s worth a watch for its merits, or if you’re interested in the growing Chinese animation industry. Fans are eagerly awaiting each new episode of season two, and with all of season one available to watch now, you may soon find yourself among them!

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