Bilibili Teases Release of Heaven Official’s Blessing Season Two: Will it Land in 2023?

heaven official's blessing tian guan ci fu season 2 donghua teaser
Heaven Official’s Blessing / Tian Guan Ci Fu donghua Season 2 — coming soon, according to Bilibili!


The long-awaited second season of the Heaven Official’s Blessing / Tian Guan Ci Fu animated series—based on Mo Xiang Tong Xiu’s novel of the same name—is coming soon per the official production’s channels.

After eight hundred years of waiting, it lives! Or does it? (It does.)

Season One’s Grand Debut

The first season of the donghua aired from October 31, 2020 to January 2, 2021, with eleven weekly episodes. A special extra episode wrapping up the first season aired on Valentine’s Day 2021.

While airing, the series was available to watch on Bilibili’s website and app, as well as their YouTube channel. Funimation simulcast the series and later produced an English dub, as well as a Season 1 DVD/Bluray boxset. The series was later released on Netflix, where it sits beside The Untamed as a fellow adaptation from a Mo Xiang Tong Xiu work.

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The donghua, produced by animation studio Haoliners (also known for the equally homoerotic series Link Click and Spiritpact), released to earth-shaking success worldwide. Its reach extended ever further as danmei mania picked up momentum in the west, and the Heaven Official’s Blessing novel series by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu (MXTX) racked up licensing deals and New York Times best seller placements.

Season one was, by all metrics, a massive success. Fans were eager to tune in for season two, and so they waited… And waited…

What Caused the Delay?

Neither Bilibili nor Haoliners have publicly provided any reasons behind season two’s delay, but most speculation has centered on the matter of censorship and cast drama. The Chinese government’s attitude toward danmei adaptations has grown more restrictive, and updated regulations in mid-2021 saw many adaptations stall out or be cancelled entirely. This is also likely the reason behind the delay of the release of Eternal Faith, the live-action adaptation of Heaven Official’s Blessing.

In addition to censorship matters, the donghua’s lead voice actor Jiang Guangtao (who voiced main character Xie Lian) was alleged of tax fraud and left the production amidst the resulting controversy. He has since been replaced in season two by Deng Youxi, and we can hope that this will be the end to further drama.

So… Where’s Season Two?

A trailer for season two was released in November 2021 to much excitement (and an absolute avalanche of thirsty fanart of Hua Cheng’s domineering throne pose), but that’s the last fans would hear from the series for a very long time. Much like Hua Cheng, we’d happily wait 800 years to catch a glimpse of Xie Lian again, but we languished in the absence of animated hualian delights.

That is, until a short new teaser trailer was released on Xie Lian’s birthday on July 14 2023. A few days later, the Heaven Official’s Blessing official Twitter account dropped some exciting news: season two is coming soon! Although no dates have been provided, they encourage all fans to add it to their watchlist so we can be alerted the moment it’s available.

Funimation and Netflix have made no public statements on whether they’ll be simulcasting the season, but internal sources have disclosed that Funimation sent out a casting call for season two’s English dub. It’s safe to assume that both streaming platforms would love to continue riding this money train right to its stop at Ghost City Station.

With this evidence at hand, we’d bet a limb or two that Heaven Official’s Blessing Season Two will see a late 2023 release. Fingers crossed!


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Source: Heaven Official’s Blessing Official Twitter Account