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Monogatari Novels Announces English License for Danmei Manhua HOW TO SURVIVE AS A VILLAIN

how to survive as a villain volume 1 english monogatari novels
How to Survive As A Villain Vol. 1

Monogatari Novels, a newcomer to the English danmei publishing scene, revealed their upcoming print publication for the How to Survive as a Villain manhua series.

How to Survive as a Villain is a manhua based on the novel series 穿越成反派要如何活命 (Chuan Yue Cheng Fan Pai Yao Ru He Huo Ming) by author Yi yi yi yi (伊依以翼). The manhua adaptation is illustrated by Wang Yi and was serialized on Kuaikan Manhua. It ran from 2021-2022, with 123 chapters in total. An official complete English translation has been published digitally by webtoon platform under the alternate title translation, This Villain Emperor’s Gotta Charm the Male Lead to Survive!

Monogatari Novels describes the series as:

Xiao Yu’an has already died once and now he’s about to die again. He has been transmigrated from his life as a dominant CEO that liked web novels to the world of his favorite story. Yu’an awakens as the evil ruler of the equally evil Northern Empire. And he knows exactly who will kill him! None other than the protagonist, Yan Heqing, a brave prince that swore vengeance after having been conquered. Yu’an knows that he must change the plot of the story in order to survive but…was the hero always this handsome?

The print edition will come with bookmarks, with an acrylic standee on top of that for the special edition. The release date for volume one is February 5nd 2024, with preorders currently only available via the Monogatari Novels website.

Monogatari Novels launched in April 2023 and describes itself as an “Independent publisher that aims to bring light novels, manga, manhua, manhwa and much more!” They specifically mentioned “Chinese novels” in a tweet, which lead many to assume that danmei was an eventuality due to its booming popularity in English markets. As of July 2023, they have also teased their acquisition of a baihe manhua license, indicating that they are interested in branching out into webnovels of all flavors.

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Source: Monogatari Novels Official Twitter Account