All Episodes of Winter Begonia Drama Available to Stream

Winter Begonia (鬓边不是海棠红) is a live-action drama series that aired from March 20-May 5, 2020. It’s an adaptation of Shui Ru Tian Er’s Winter Begonia novel series and consists of 49 episodes. The series is now complete.

It was produced by Huan Yu Film and Television, Jumo Film and Television, and iQiyi, and starred Charmaine Sheh, Yin Zheng, and Huang Xiao Ming.

From Viki:

“Branded as an outsider and shunned as such, Shang Xirui has faced a lifetime of trials but that has never once stopped him from reaching for his dream. An exceptional talent in the world of Peking opera, Xirui has but one dream, to share his love and knowledge of this beautiful, traditional art form with the world.

When wealthy businessman, Cheng Fengtai attends one of Xirui’s performances, he’s captivated by both the art and the artist. Sharing a passion for Peking opera, Fengtai and Xirui soon become the best of friends. An avid supporter of Xirui’s work, Fengtai helps his Xirui rebuild a local theater and train a new troupe of aspiring actors, to carry on the art and its traditions.

As the two work closely together, their friendship blossoms, both finding something in each other that neither has had before: a true friend. But in the summer of 1937, everything they love and have worked so hard for is threatened, when the Japanese army invades Beijing. Knowing they must fight to protect that which they love most, the two take up arms in defiance of those who threaten to destroy everything they hold dear.”

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