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Rosmei Shares Dust Jacket Preview of Upcoming NAN CHAN English Release

Publisher Rosmei has shared a preview of the dust jacket for their upcoming English-translated release of Nan Chan.

A dust jacket is a paper sleeve wrapped around a book’s printed cover, providing both protection for the book itself and an additional option for display. The addition of a dust jacket came in response to some fans’ criticism over the design of the book itself. Earlier in the month, Rosmei revealed their official cover for the series’ first volume featuring exclusively commissioned new artwork.

Nan Chan is a danmei novel series written by Tang Jiuqing. It follows a man named Jing Lin who wakes up with memory loss after being punished for his atrocities against heaven and embarks on a journey to divine the truth behind his circumstances along with a small group of companions.

Rosmei’s English license of Nan Chan will only be allowed sold in Singapore, with news about a release date or preorders still pending.

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Source: Rosmei Twitter (X) Account