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Rosmei Reveals First Volume Cover for COINS OF DESTINY: LIU YAO

Publisher Rosmei took to X/Twitter to share the cover for the first volume of their upcoming English edition of Coins of Destiny.

Also known by its original Chinese title Liu Yao (六爻), Coins of Destiny is a webnovel series written by priest. It was originally serialized on JJWXC and ran for 109 chapters.

Rosmei’s back cover has an excerpt from a foundational Taoist text known as the Zhuangzi (庄子):

For the peng flies southward over the foam; a hundred miles the seas swell like a dome. At ev’ry midsummer the mighty bird alights on the fierce fuyao and doth ride its estival current a thousand miles; soaring into the azure and beyond.

A translation of the original Liu Yao series synopsis, as posted on JJWXC, is below:

A cultivation story about how a declining sect was revived by a narcissist, a trickster, a meanie, and a silly child.

Rosmei’s English edition of Coins of Destiny will be translated by SassyStrawberry, with cover art by 山魂 (Shan Hun). The first volume is scheduled for a Singapore release in 2024.

Liu Yao‘s audio drama is currently available to stream on MissEvan. Although a live-action drama and a donghua were in production for the series, no news has been heard from either team for some time.

Readers looking for more priest works to read while they wait can also check out Guardian: Zhen Hun and Stars of Chaos: Sha Po Lang, which are on shelves now.