Rosmei took to X/Twitter to share the cover for their upcoming English edition of Nan Chan Vol. 1.

No artist was credited with the cover reveal, though it appears to be artwork unique to Rosmei’s release. The mockups show the book will be released as paperback editions but it’s not clear if they will have french flaps like Rosmei’s recent cover reveal for Wow~ You Guys Are Really Good at Gaming~.

Nan Chan is a danmei novel series written by Tang Jiuqing. It follows a man named Jing Lin who wakes up with memory loss after being punished for his atrocities against heaven and embarks on a journey to divine the truth behind his circumstances along with a small group of companions.

Rosmei has no official synopsis for the series, but the following text can be seen on the back cover:

I have experienced all the eight sufferings of this world.

I do not ask for nirvana, but for you.

Rosmei originally revealed their English license of Nan Chan in May of this year. The series is a Singapore-only license, meaning it is not permitted to be sold in other territories. No release date has been announced, although the publisher said preorders would be open in Spring 2024. Rosmei has also previously stated their English edition of the series would be released in three volumes total.