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Rosmei Licenses NAN CHAN Novel Series For Limited English Release

Not a month after the release of their debut novel, Rosmei has unveiled their second English title via TwitterNan Chan (南禅) by Tang Jiuqing.

Nan Chan is a web novel that ran for 129 chapters, including extras on JJWXC, starting in 2018. It has since been published as a two-volume Simplified Chinese print by Changjiang and a two-volume Traditional Chinese print by Morefate. It also received an audio drama adaptation that is now discontinued. According to Rosmei, the English edition will have three volumes in total.

In the story, Jing Lin wakes up with memory loss after being punished for his atrocities against heaven. With him are two companions—a small stone figure, and a brocade carp that transforms into a human but is still rather clueless about worldly matters. They embark on a quest to find a missing copper bell, encountering eight sufferings in a string of seemingly unrelated cases. Through these experiences, they discover what it means to be human and unravel the truth behind their journey.

The first volume is expected to go up for preorder in Spring 2024. Rosmei has stated that Nan Chan will be licensed for distribution in Singapore only, although a follow-up tweet on the same day suggests they are working with potential sales agents and group orders to bring their novels to international readers.

Source: Official Rosmei Twitter Account