Seven Seas Unveils Cover for GUARDIAN: ZHEN HUN Vol. 2

Seven Seas Entertainment has shared the cover for Guardian: Zhen Hun Vol. 2 in a post on Twitter/X.

Volume 1’s artist Marmaladica returns to provide the volume’s cover, and interior black and white illustrations for the volume will be provided by Fern_Arts. This marks only the second time an artist change has been announced by Seven Seas, with the first being their recent release of fellow priest work Stars of Chaos: Sha Po Lang Vol. 2.

Seven Seas’ blurb on the back cover describes volume one as below:


As snow quietly covers Dragon City in the final days of the lunar year, patients writhing in pain flock to the hospital. Baffled doctors call upon Zhao Yunlan and his team for help. As the case unfolds, Shen Wei and Zhao Yunlan discover that one of the Four Hallowed Artifacts, the Merit Brush, has appeared in the Mortal Realm. In the wrong hands, its power can be transformative.

While each step toward the artifact only pulls the pair deeper into a vortex of mysteries, Zhao Yunlan keeps stumbling upon a name: Kunlun. Who is Kunlun, and what is his connection to the Merit Brush? As Zhao Yunlan closes in on the answer, will he also uncover the truth behind Shen Wei’s knowing gaze?

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Guardian: Zhen Hun Vol. 2 is scheduled for print and digital formats this March 26, 2024, with preorders open now.