Rosmei Launches Twitter Event to Guess Four New License Titles

Publisher Rosmei recently announced an event on Twitter, calling on readers to guess the titles of four of their upcoming licenses. Based on the hint Rosmei provided with the mention of “Rosmei Infinite Flow Series”, Rosmei is intending to expand its selection of titles to include infinite flow works.

Infinite flow is a genre where a character is thrown into otherworldly scenarios or locations to participate in a seemingly never-ending string of survival games, puzzles, or challenges. These stories often include science fiction or horror elements. A series like Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint is one such example, as well as danmei novels like 全球高考 (“Global Examination”), 死亡万花筒 (“Kaleidoscope of Death”), and 地球上线 (“The Earth is Online”)—none of which have been licensed for release in English.

Rosmei’s five clues are:

  1. Three equal one series
  2. One hundred years
  3. Gun
  4. ++–=0
  5. Explosion

To participate, readers will need to comment under their tweet with all four guesses. The first person to get all guesses correct will be rewarded with points that can be traded for Rosmei publications.

Rosmei has gained a following in recent months for a string of English danmei licenses, starting with How to Survive as a Villain back in May. However, the company has yet to provide any further details about its releases, including release dates, translators, artists, or print formats. Based on the terms of their licenses, Rosmei also isn’t permitted to sell their books outside of Singapore.

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There still remains excitement for their new lineup of secret titles though, which will be revealed on July 15, July 22, July 29, and August 5 of this year.

UPDATE: Rosmei posted a follow-up tweet on July 12th bumping the reveal dates up to July 15th-18th. All the licenses have been successfully guessed by participants in the event.

Source: Rosmei’s Official Twitter Account