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NU:Carnival Launches Sunburst Fever Event with New Limited Time SSRs and Story Modes

Popular BL mobile game NU:Carnival has launched its newest event—Sunburst Fever.

As with prior events, Sunburst Fever will last approximately three weeks and include a new mini storyline for players to complete, an assortment of new ways to collect items needed to upgrade their characters, and three new SSRs. In this update, the characters of Kuya, Dante, and Edmond will all receive new SSRs, meaning new outfits and new opportunities to take them into battle. And, in NU:Carnival‘s case, unlock the new Intimacy mini-stories that come with each new SSR and typically include two individual sex scenes.

Highlights of the update include:

★SSR Flaming Secret – Edmond
★SSR Aromatic Exotica – Kuya
★SSR Scorching Sun – Dante

Sunburst Fever Limited-Time Story Event

Eiden’s Exclusive [Desert Wanderer] Outfit

Additionally, long-time players of the game are being rewarded with the ability to reset their Friend Code. In NU:Carnival, players are permitted to enter a one-time code from another player’s game and receive lifetime rewards if the other player makes in-game purchases. However until now players were not permitted to switch out the code, so if the other person stops playing, then those who inputted their code would be unable to receive any further benefits. With this event launches the ability to reset that code and enter a new one, and then subsequently reset again every 60 days.

All that info and more is available on their website for the event’s launch. Sunburst Fever began July 5th and will run until August 3rd, 2023.

NU:Carnival is self-described as a “social simulation RPG”. Since launching back in 2022, it’s gained hundreds of thousands of followers with its free-to-play combination of visual novel, gacha game, and RPG card-style battle mechanics. The game was created by Tawainese developer Infinity Alpha in collaboration with SGArts. The story follows a young man named Eiden who gets transported into another world, where he is put into the role of Grand Sorcerer—an individual uniquely gifted and tasked to protect the Klein Continent from harm, with the help of his ever-growing collection of gorgeous, multi-talented men who join him on the adventure. Along with their knowledge of the world and ability to protect him in combat, they can also all be powered up, healed, and otherwise contented by all manner of sexual escapades with their beloved “Master”.

Source: NU:Carnival Website