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Publisher Ize Press Licenses Long-Awaited Korean Series, Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

Ize Press stole the social media show during the recent Anime Expo when they announced their license acquisition for Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint. IZE Press will be releasing both the manhwa webtoon and the original novel series on which it was based.

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint is written by singNsong, and its manhwa adaptation is being produced by REDICE Studios, otherwise best-known for the Solo Leveling manhwa. The lead artist for Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint is credited as Sleepy-C.

Ize Press describes the story as:

When an obscure online novel ends, so does the world. With monsters straight out of the novel, and scenarios only he recognizes, can Dokja write his own destiny?

Webtoons, the English digital publisher for the manhwa, offers a slightly more robust description:

Dokja was an average office worker whose sole interest was reading his favorite web novel ‘Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse.’ But when the novel suddenly becomes reality, he is the only person who knows how the world will end. Armed with this realization, Dokja uses his understanding to change the course of the story, and the world, as he knows it.

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint‘s novel has been published digital-only in English by Webnovel, and its manhwa adaptation is still currently running on Webtoons. Both versions have seen massive online popularity in recent years, notably for its intriguing story, epic battle scenes, and strong chemistry between the two lead male characters that have led many to view it as BL-adjacent. This broad appeal was evident in the announcement, which on Twitter alone saw over one million impressions in its first week. Both the novel and the manhwa have been released in print in Korea—though the latter is still ongoing—while Ize Press’ upcoming editions are the first time the series has seen any official English print.

There is no currently no other information about Ize Press’ release of Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint, including release dates, price points, or physical print details.

Ize Press is an imprint of Yen Press, a publisher owned by KADOKAWA Future Publishing and Hachette Book Group. The Ize Press imprint was announced back in April 2022 as a collaborative project with REDICE Studios.

Source: Ize Press Official Twitter Account