Via Lactea Announces English License for TO RULE IN A TURBULENT WORLD Danmei Novel Series

Via Lactea has announced via Twitter a new series for English release: To Rule in a Turbulent World by Gu Xuerou (also known as Feitian Yexiang, or Chicken-gege). This is Via Lactea’s first period-fiction danmei novel.

Original title 乱世为王 / Luanshi Wei Wang (abbreviated LSWW), To Rule in a Turbulent World is a web novel that ran for 75 chapters on Wenxiu Net starting in 2013. It has since been published as a four-volume Traditional Chinese uncensored print by Pinsin Studio [pictured above], a four-volume Simplified Chinese uncensored print by Trigger Studio HK, and a two-volume Simplified Chinese censored print by Yangcheng Evening News Press.

The story—loosely based on the history of Song Dynasty—follows You Miao, a once-rich young master who only has his late mother’s barren estate and a loyal Quanrong slave left. As he attempts to start anew from scratch, the country is thrown into the chaos of war. Along with his new sworn brothers, he embarks on a journey to uphold a fractured nation.

To Rule in a Turbulent World will be available in e-book and paperback formats. There are no details yet on cover design or when preorders are expected to start. Via Lactea has announced the translator to be Suika, who is currently the translator for Seven Seas Entertainment’s Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation and Heaven Official’s Blessing series.