Via Lactea Announces English License for LIMERENCE Danmei Novel Series

Publisher Via Lactea has announced via Twitter that they’ll be releasing an English translation of Jiang Zi Bei’s Limerence danmei novel.

Original title, 我喜欢你男朋友很久了, Limerence is best known in fan circles by the English title I’ve Liked Your Boyfriend for a Long Time.  It was originally serialized on JJWXC and ran for 42 chapters. Taiwan-based publisher PinSin Studio published a single-volume edition in Chinese.

Via Lactea describes Limerence with the following synopsis:

Our story starts when Pei Ran finds out his boyfriend of three years, who he’s been dating since high school, is cheating on him, but Pei Ran also accidentally discovers that his boyfriend’s flatmate has apparently had a crush on him since high school. Even after a jog down Pei Ran’s high school memory lane, however, he still has no recollection of Yan Zhun.

A story that starts with a one-side crush, tinged with the beauty of youth and insatiable hormones, begins to unfold as their university life begins. Despite obstacles and the backlash from their peers, the feelings that they have for each other only grow stronger and stronger.

Esports, art, fan culture, and can’t forget about studying of course—everything you can think of and more: when it comes to university life, this book delivers. This book allows you to live vicariously through our protagonists’ pure and passionate love story.

Limerence will be released as a single volume, with the price varying from $15.99-17.99 CAN depending on the timeframe the book is preordered or purchased. Via Lactea shared multi-angle images of the cover design along with listing it as a perfect-bound softcover book printed on 55lb cream paper.

UPDATE: Limerence is available to order now!

Source: Official Via Lactea Twitter Account