Will Seven Seas be publishing the uncensored version of the MDZS manhua?

When Seven Seas Entertainment announced they had licensed the Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (MDZS) manhua for an English release, there was one big question that resonated through social media—and continues to do so to this day—will they be publishing the book uncensored?

Seven Seas has since confirmed in a reply tweet that they will be publishing an English version of the PinSin Studio edition and will not be censoring anything from it. PinSin Studio is a Taiwan-based publisher whose books are often seen as the most complete, uncensored versions of many danmei novels and Korean webtoons.

This however only partially answers the real question fans are asking—what about the sex scenes being posted to the manhua artist’s Twitter account?

These are fully illustrated scenes that were not included in the original web serialization of the series on kuaikanmanhua (which at the time of this posting, has since taken down the series in its entirety).

While it’s unlikely Seven Seas would or could bluntly say it, one can assume that, unfortunately, those sex scene comic strips are not a part of the official publication. It’s more likely that they’re art the artist is doing for fun, without permission or final approvals from the rightsholder. That makes it fanart. It’s no different than any artwork that an official artist for any of the novels has drawn and posted online, or artwork they had done prior to being hired. Just because an artist is hired for a project and drawing characters from a book they had been hired to draw in other circumstances, does not make it official. Official artwork must be requested, and most importantly, approved by the rightsholder—be it the original publisher in China, or the author themselves.

The artist also has a notice on their Twitter account that they would not be permitted to say if this material was commissioned in an official capacity:

“The comics can be translated and reproduced for non-profit purposes (free use).”

An additional note is that even referring to these manhua fanarts as “official” could potentially put the artist at risk of trouble with the biggest rightsholder, Tencent, who as a company that produced the live-action drama, donghua, and manhua for this series, walks a fine line to avoid running afoul of the Chinese government. That is why none of the adaptations contain the full original content of the novels on which they were based.

But while it is highly unlikely that these particular pieces will be included in the official manhua, there have been exceptions with some scenes that were not made available in the online serialization. One such example is a kiss that did make it into volume six of PinSin Studio’s edition. Whether or not any others are eventually included in the official manhua remains to be seen.

One thing is for sure, however, as confirmed by Seven Seas, is that they will not censor anything that the PinSin Studio edition includes. As Seven Seas has now published the complete Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation novel series with all content uncensored, sex scenes and all—and continues to make a place for themselves in the webtoon industry with uncensored versions of popular BL manhwa—readers can know that any censorship should at least not originate with them.