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Via Lactea Licenses Xiao Yaozi’s PSYCHO: FENGZI Danmei Series for English Release

Via Lactea took to their website to announce that they have obtained the license for Xiao Yaozi’s modern day danmei thriller novel, Psycho (also known as Fengzi / 疯子).

Via Lactea currently lists the series as a print-only license, with no ebook scheduled for release. Via Lactea has come under fire over the years for their system of releasing digital editions of their English translations months early, which are typically not the final polished manuscripts that fans would receive in the print editions that are released months later.

No synopsis has yet been provided by the publisher, so a synopsis as posted on Novel Updates is as follows:

In an accident, he agreed to a “mu*der exchange” with a lunatic.

He regretted it, he was afraid, but he was threatened and unable to escape.

He came to like it, he was addicted, he fell in love.

Everything came crashing down.

He was insane.



Mysterious yandere top x callous straight bottom

A release date has not yet been announced, but Via Lactea’s public progress page reports that production is underway.

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