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RUN WILD: SA YE by Wu Zhe: Seven Seas Entertainment Licenses a Modern-Day Danmei Classic

In a surprise announcement, publisher Seven Seas Entertainment has revealed its license acquisition of the danmei novel series Run Wild: Sa Ye, to be released under their Seven Seas Danmei imprint.

Seven Seas Entertainment describes Run Wild: Sa Ye with the following synopsis:

Unwanted by his adoptive parents, Jiang Cheng leaves home to live in a cold, gray city with his deadbeat dad whose only talent is feeding a gambling addiction. Alone save for his suitcase, the rebellious teenage boy arrives at the train station ready to face his miserable new life. 

But the moment he steps off the platform, Jiang Cheng meets the peculiar young girl Gu Miao, along with her big brother Gu Fei—a boy his age with a musical staff shaved into his hair. Rumor has it that Gu Fei is bad news with dark secrets of his own, but Jiang Cheng still finds himself pulled toward the withdrawn delinquent thanks to Gu Miao and, perhaps, fate. The unlikely friendship that blossoms between them shows Jiang Cheng the hidden depths of Gu Fei…and the hidden depths of his own feelings.

Original title 撒野, Run Wild: Sa Ye is a webnovel series written by Wu Zhe. It was originally serialized on JJWXC starting in 2016, where it ran for 145 chapters. It has a completed audio drama adaptation (available in Chinese), and a manhua adaptation that’s currently being serialized, which is available in English on Tappytoon. The series had a donghua adaptation announced from Tencent Penguin Pictures, the same production company behind several other danmei donghua adaptations, but after releasing a short trailer in 2021, has not had any updates since.

Run Wild also inspired a live-action adaptation under the title 左肩有你 (Chasing the Light). Starring Fan Chengcheng and Wang Anyu, the series wrapped production back in 2021 but has no confirmed schedule to air its 24 episodes.

Run Wild will be released in English by Seven Seas Entertainment with the translation credited to amixy and Nande M., whose combined experience include other danmei series such as Guardian: Zhen Hun. The identity of the cover and interior artist hasn’t been revealed, but Seven Seas has confirmed the English release will include “exclusive new art.”

Unlike previous Seven Seas Danmei announcements, Run Wild: Sa Ye was not announced with a release date, only the window of “early 2025.” Because of this, preorders were also not made available at the time of posting.

Source: Seven Seas Entertainment X (Twitter) Account