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Peach Flower House Addresses Censorship Accusations, Announces New Edition of In The Dark

Peach Flower House has issued a blog post addressing their release of Jin Shisi Chai’s In The Dark. Upon release of the two-volume edition, Peach Flower House received criticism about the book’s contents—specifically allegations that it was a censored version of the text.

In a joint statement with the author, Peach Flower House assures readers that they released an uncensored manuscript as it was provided to them, but that there was a newer edition containing additional material that was not provided by the rightsholder at the time.

   We have confirmed that the manuscript used for the publication of the English edition of In the Dark is the full uncensored manuscript from the original web version and not the Simplified Chinese print (censored) text. Peach Flower House has not censored any portions of the original web version manuscript upon publication.

However, a newly edited version of the uncensored manuscript was not made available to the publisher at the time of the initial English publication. Due to this, Peach Flower House was unable to include the additional content.

We sincerely apologize for the issues this has caused and will publish a brand new edition of In the Dark with the new edits and new content, including the exclusive extra from the Traditional Chinese print.

—Jin Shisi Chai, Author of In the Dark

—Peach Flower House, Publisher of In the Dark English edition

A new edition of In The Dark is now scheduled for release. It will be three volumes, come with new covers, and include the previously missing material. Peach Flower House is also offering some compensation for buyers of the original two-volume edition, and will not be reprinting it once sold out. The first edition ebooks were immediately removed from sale.

Source: Update: In the Dark