Seven Seas Entertainment has announced the license acquisition for three more highly-requested danmei series: Guardian: Zhen Hun by priest, Stars of Chaos: Sha Po Lang by priest, and Thousand Autumns: Qian Qiu by Meng Xi Shi.

All three series will be released in both deluxe paperback and ebook formats, with exclusive new cover art and interior illustrations. The artists haven’t been revealed yet, with placeholder graphics for the time being.

Seven Seas Entertainment described each series as below:

Guardian: Zhen Hun by priest

Zhao Yunlan is Chief of the Special Investigations Department: a secret group of uniquely skilled individuals who investigate strange happenings in modern-day Dragon City. Although laid-back and cheeky to those who don’t know him, this tenacious and cunning man fits well into his role of the Guardian.

While investigating a mysterious death at a local university, Zhao Yunlan meets Shen Wei, a calm and cold professor who proves as intriguing as the case itself. Something about this reserved man feels strangely familiar. Zhao Yunlan can’t help but notice the intensity of the professor’s gaze, and wonders why their lives begin to intertwine—as if by fate.

Original title, 鎮魂, Guardian is a web novel series that debuted on JJWXC in 2012 and ran for 111 chapters. Preorders are available now for Guardian: Zhen Hun Vol. 1, which is scheduled to release in May 2023. The series inspired a very popular live-action adaptation back in 2020, with all episodes still freely available to stream now.

Stars of Chaos: Sha Po Lang by priest

The discovery of violet gold, a vital fuel for steam-powered machines, propelled Great Liang into an age of prosperity. But for Chang Geng, a young man raised on the impoverished northern frontier, the concerns of the empire are as distant as the stars above.

When raiders from the north attack Chang Geng’s small village, he discovers that the life he knows is a lie. His mother, his teacher…even his beloved godfather, the man he trusted most in the world, are not who they seem. As enemies of the empire circle ever closer, Chang Geng must travel to the heart of the capital—with his godfather at his side—to meet his destiny.

Original title 杀破狼, Stars of Chaos is a web novel series that debuted on JJWXC in 2015, running for 143 original chapters. Preorders are available now for Stars of Chaos: Sha Po Lang Vol. 1, which is scheduled to release in February 2023. The series stands out for its steampunk aesthetic and has a live-action adaptation in production under the name Winner is King.

Thousand Autumns: Qian Qiu by Meng Xi Shi

Shen Qiao is a devout Daoist priest who has spent his life honing his skills and spirit, leading his sect with martial talent, beauty beyond measure, and an earnest heart. His polar opposite, Yan Wushi, leads one of the most powerful demonic sects and is said to be unrivaled in his strength and cunning. Yan Wushi believes in the inherently selfish nature of all people—himself included—and that nobody is above committing dark deeds for their own benefit.

When a fight leaves Shen Qiao injured, blind, and with hazy memories, Yan Wushi takes in the defeated sect leader with a dark plan: test the limits of the man’s patience and faith in others to lure him onto the demonic path. Little does he know that he is about to meet the first immovable force of his life, and that two hearts can connect in unexpected ways. With the passing of a thousand autumns, who can stay eternal?

Original title 千秋, Thousand Autumns is a web novel series that debuted on JJWXC in 2015 and ran for 141 chapters. Preorders are available now for Thousand Autumns: Qian Qiu Vol. 1, which is scheduled to release in January 2023. The first season of the series’ animated adaptation recently finished airing, with all episodes available to watch now.

Preorders for the first volumes were available immediately upon reveal. Seven Seas Entertainment has been using title-hidden listings on major retailers like Amazon for their larger license announcements, in much the same way they did in 2021 with their announcement of Mo Xiang Tong Xiu’s trio of series. Like those series, the news broke biggest on Seven Seas’ Twittter account, with each post garnering thousands of retweets.

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