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Peach Flower House Posts Final Covers for Two Upcoming Danmei One-Shots: Peach Blossom Debt and The Imperial Uncle

Peach Flower House has followed up on their previous license announcement for Da Feng Gua Guo’s Peach Blossom Debt and The Imperial Uncle with a reveal of the final covers for their upcoming English editions.

The artists for these lovely pieces have been credited as 侑橋 (AtsumuBa) and SO萌小怪兽. Preview chapters for the former series have also been posted on Peach Flower House’s website.

Release dates for both books remain unchanged, still slated for August 22, 2023 for Peach Blossom Debt and October 23, 2023 for The Imperial Uncle. Preorders are ongoing for the Limited Edition—which includes chibi standees—and end on June 30, 2023 and August 31, 2023 respectively.

Source: Official Peach Flower House Twitter