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Rosmei Announces License of YOU BOYS PLAY GAMES VERY WELL for Limited English Release

Seemingly not ready to slow down just yet, Rosmei has revealed another new English danmei novel series license via their Twitter account—YOU BOYS PLAY GAMES VERY WELL by Yi Xiu Luo.

Original title 你们男生打游戏好厉害哦, You Boys Play Games Very Well is a web novel that ran for 30 chapters on JJWXC starting in 2018. It received a single-volume print release in Chinese by Pinsin Studios. Author Yi Xiu Luo has penned two other novels within the same universe.

The story follows Ling Meng, a top-tier player in a popular online game called “Legend of the Galaxy”. Going by the name Lemon Dad, he cultivated a loyal following of fans thanks to his sharp manner of speaking and skill at the game. However, everything for him changes after a match against popular live streamer, Mangosteen,  where a slip of his tongue leads to him being memed across the internet, with cheers now turned to laughter. Ling Meng vows to find his opponent’s weakness and get revenge! But fight after fight, and stream after stream, a different connection begins to form between the two, and one day they go from sharing a digital battlefield to sharing much, much more.

Rosmei indicates the series will be released in 2024, and gave no indication this would have broader availability than their previous licenses. To date, all of Rosmei’s English titles have been for distribution only in Singapore.

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Source: Rosmei Twitter Post