Rosmei’s Twitter shared the first volume cover for their upcoming English edition of Obsessed. There will be two volumes released in total.

Obsessed Vol 1 cover, from Rosmei

Obsessed (original title 着魔, and formerly titled Enchanted in Rosmei’s initial announcement) is a web novel series written by Wu Chen Shui. It was originally serialized on JJWXC and ran for 81 chapters and 12 extras. The translator for Rosmei’s English edition was listed as Evening Asters in a recent book preview.

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No series synopsis was provided by Rosmei, and the back cover currently lists a quote from the book. A translated synopsis from the original serialization is as follows:

A few bizarre murders unveil the ugly desires that lurk deep in the heart. No matter how much one tries to restrain themselves, escape from it and resist it, anyone can become obsessed. Some with love, some with hatred, some with power, and some with ambition. I’m enchanted with you, but who are you enchanted with?

Rosmei originally revealed their English license of Obsessed in August of 2023. No release date has been announced as of time of writing.