Seven Seas Entertainment revealed its cover for the seventh volume of Heaven Official’s Blessing today. Written by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, this book will be the penultimate release of the series, which will be a total of eight volumes for its English edition.

The English translation of Heaven Official’s Blessing has two more volumes than the original Chinese edition, so for volumes five and seven, Seven Seas used artwork that was previously featured on bonus merchandise. Volume seven’s art—rendered by series-staple 日出的小太陽 (tai3_3)—was originally released with PinSin Studio’s limited editions of volumes 5–6, but with an updated, cooler-toned color palette.

Heaven Official's Blessing Vol. 5-6 from PinSin Studio
The original artwork was released with PinSin Studio’s limited edition of volumes 5-6.

Heaven Official’s Blessing Vol. 7 is scheduled for a September 12, 2023 release, with preorders available at all major retailers now.

Seven Seas provided the following synopsis:

Lifetimes of Cruelty, Centuries of Devotion

The Kiln is open, and White No-Face is back to his full power. The past eight hundred years have not blunted his hatred nor his obsession with Xie Lian—he aims to break Xie Lian down to nothing, even if all of humanity and the heavens themselves are collateral damage.

This time, however, Xie Lian will not face him alone. Together with Hua Cheng—powerful ghost king, stalwart protector, and devoted love—can Xie Lian finally reveal the face behind the mask and put an end to the nightmare forever?

Source: Officials Seven Seas Entertainment Twitter Account