SALE: AmiAmi Offers Discounts on Good Smile’s Wei Wuxian 1/8 Figure and More

Japan-based merchandise retailer AmiAmi currently has a sale on a variety of danmei items, and for those who’ve been putting off purchasing some of these items due to their hefty price tags, now may finally be the time to dive in!

Most notable is Good Smile’s 1/8 scale figure of Wei Wuxian from Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation. This absolutely stunning figure of him during his time as the Yiling Laozu is currently on-sale for 21,980JPY at AmiAmi, which equates to approximately $152.85 USD / $201.60 CAN. This same statue is currently selling for $313.99 USD / $415.99 CAN direct from Good Smile US. That’s a whopping 48% off!

AmiAmi: Anime “The Master of Diabolism” Wei Wuxian Yi Ling Lao Zu Ver. 1/8 Complete Figure

AmiAmi’s website also has a number of other items from “The Master of Diabolism”—another translation for the donghua—and the live-action adaptation, The Untamed. The items range from notebooks to jewelry to plush dolls and pins. This includes the Qingcang-produced set of Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji that comes with a long list of extra items to make that complete Wangxian diorama of your dreams.

AmiAmi’s website doesn’t specify how long these sales will be going on for, or how limited the remaining stock is, so best to move quickly if you don’t want to miss out!

(Reminder that quoted prices do not include shipping or potential additional customs fees on any overseas purchases.)