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Seven Seas Entertainment Posts Cover for Remnants of Filth: Yuwu Vol. 2 English Edition

Seven Seas Entertainment took to social media to share its cover for the upcoming English release of Remnants of Filth: Yuwu Vol.2. Series artist st returns to provide both the cover and interior illustrations which are currently exclusive to this edition.

Written by Rou Bao Bu Chi Rou, Remnants of Filth debuted in English in April 2023 and will run for a yet-to-be-specified amount of volumes total. The series is translated by Yu and Rui, with a new adaptation writer, Neon Yang, taking over for the second volume.

Remnants of Filth Vol. 2 is scheduled for an October 10, 2023 release, with preorders available at all major retailers.

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Seven Seas Entertainment provided the following new synopsis for this volume:


As the case of the murders in the capital comes to a close, Mo Xi takes custody of Gu Mang, the traitor who was once his lover. With his betrayer now firmly in his grasp, Mo Xi believes he can manipulate Gu Mang into revealing the hidden secrets within his broken mind. Yet one question continues to haunt Mo Xi: Is Gu Mang pretending, or has he truly forgotten everything?

Tortured by specters of the past and bound by demands of the present, Mo Xi begins to lose hope of ever gaining the satisfaction he craves. But when Gu Mang’s memories finally do surface, what—or who—will he remember?

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