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Rosmei Licenses Danmei EVERYONE LOVES THE CANNON FODDER for Limited English Release

Rosmei continues their danmei licensing streak with another new announcement via TwitterEVERYONE LOVES THE CANNON FODDER by Qie Zai Shan Yang.

Original title 穿成万人迷的炮灰竹马, Everyone Loves the Cannon Fodder is a web novel series that ran on JJWXC for 106 chapters starting in 2019. Previously known to English fan translation circles as Transmigrating Into The Heartthrob’s Cannon Fodder Childhood Friend, it’s one of two stories by author Qie Zai Shan Yang set in the same universe.

The story follows Song Yu, a young man who finds himself transmigrated into the very novel he had just walked away from hate-reading. Worse off, he finds himself in the body of the main character’s childhood friend—someone destined to die from illness at a young age. However, unbeknownst to him, that very same main character has also been reborn, back into the body of his own younger self. To him, everything seems the same except for his suspiciously different childhood friend. Now these two individuals, each with their own knowledge of a life previously lived, will traverse this new one together, where a little bit of support and protection can change everything—plot and feelings alike.

Rosmei gave no release information for the series. Presumably, Everyone Loves The Cannon Fodder will have the same region restrictions as Rosmei’s previous English licenses, which are only available in Singapore with no digital option available. Unlike their announcement of Don’t You Like Me, Rosmei did not include or indicate a partnership with foreign retailers to circumvent this.

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Source: Rosmei Twitter Post, Rosmei’s Website