Xie Lian Voice Actor to Be Replaced in Heaven Official’s Blessing Animated Series

The official Weibo account for Heaven Official’s Blessing posted an update today verifying what a lot of fans have been speculating—that the voice actor for Xie Lian, the series’ lead character, will be replaced in the upcoming second season.

The post cites VA Jiang Guangtao as leaving “for personal reasons.” Whether he chose to step away on his own or was let go, it’s likely tied to his recent legal troubles after he and several others were arrested in 2022 for the alleged misappropriation of two million dollars of public funds. The resulting backlash led to his agency contract being terminated and a huge fallout online from his disappointed fans. It led many to speculate whether season two of the Heaven Official’s Blessing donghua would be shelved forever when all danmei adaptations are already facing significant roadblocks and re-editing due to tightening restrictions on such content in China.

Xie Lian’s new voice actor is Deng Youxi, who has voice acted in a number of audio dramas. He also voices the character of Mika in the popular mobile game Genshin Impact.

While it’s always unfortunate when these kinds of issues arise, fans of Heaven Official’s Blessing can at least take some comfort that this means production on season two is continuing to move forward. No release date for season two has been announced yet.

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Source: Official Heaven Official’s Blessing Weibo Account, Twitter