Seven Seas has announced the English license acquisition for Korean webtoon series ENNEAD by Mojito—a full-color Boys’ Love manhwa (comic) based on Egyptian mythology.

The story of ENNEAD centers on a version of Ancient Egypt ruled by nine gods called the Ennead. The cruel and bloodthirsty god Seth has led Egypt for centuries until the young god Horus appears to challenge him. The conflict between Seth and Horus manifests in a series of trials, but as time passes the hatred between them starts to mingle with desire.

ENNEAD‘s first webtoon season ran for 73 chapters between 2018 and 2020, and its second season is ongoing. It’s currently being serialized in English digitally by Tappytoon. ENNEAD Vol. 1 is the first English-language release for print, and there are two editions: the paperback version with an Older Teen rating, and the deluxe hardcover version with a Mature rating. According to Seven Seas, each version is standalone, and does not require reading boh to follow the story, but has alternate depictions of some scenes that include adult material.

Both versions of ENNEAD Vol 1. are scheduled for release in November 2023, with preorders available now.

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