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Peach Flower House Announces Two New Licenses with PEACH BLOSSOM DEBT and THE IMPERIAL UNCLE

Peach Flower House has announced two brand-new danmei titles for English publication—xianxia fantasy Peach Blossom Debt and historical fiction The Imperial Uncle, both by author Da Feng Gua Guo. 

Original title 桃花债, Peach Blossom Debt is a web novel that ran for 78 chapters on JJWXC starting in 2007. It has since been published as a single-volume Simplified Chinese edition in both hardcover and softcover [pictured in image above] by Wenlian (中國文聯出版) and a two-volume Traditional Chinese edition by Uei Shiang.

Original title 皇叔, The Imperial Uncle is a web novel that ran for 63 chapters, on JJWXC starting in 2009. It has also been published as a single-volume Simplified Chinese edition in 2013 [pictured in image above] by New World Press (新世界出版), a single-volume Simplified Chinese edition in 2020 by Sichuan Wenyi (四川文艺出版社), and a single-volume Traditional Chinese print by Uei Shiang.

Peach Flower will be printing the individual series as a single volume each, and gives the following synopses:

Peach Blossom Debt

Song Yao ascended to immortality by pure mistake, and now the Jade Emperor has ordered him back down to the mortal realm to supervise a trial between two gods guilty of an affair. Yet, things keep straying from the script…

The Imperial Uncle

In everyone’s eyes, Prince Huai is a blight on the virtues of the imperial court. When others come to him to conspire for a coup, he takes this chance to prove his loyalty once and for all.

The release dates are slated for August 22, 2023 for Peach Blossom Debt and October 23, 2023 for The Imperial Uncle. Preorders are ongoing, although the preorders for a Limited Edition—which includes chibi standees—ends on June 30, 2023 for Peach Blossom Debt and August 31, 2023 for The Imperial Uncle.

Peach Blossom Debt made the news in recent years when it found itself in the middle of a plagiarism controversy—an author by the name of Tang Qi was accused of plagiarizing Peach Blossom Debt when writing their series, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (三生三生十里桃花). That novel would end up being the basis for the drama series, Eternal Love. Da Feng Gua Guo has since commented on the situation via their Weibo account.

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Source: Official Peach Flower House Twitter