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Via Lactea Announces Physical Preorders for SOUL VIBRATION Vols. 1, 2, 3

Publisher Via Lactea has announced physical preorders for Dr. Solo’s modern day idol danmei, Soul Vibration.

Via Lactea released the series’ three volumes in eBook format in January 2023. It is standard practice for this publisher to release a series in eBook format first in order to incorporate fan feedback and corrections into a later print release. Their original eBook release of Soul Vibration faced heavy fan criticism due to its poor spelling/grammar and abundance of typographical errors, but Via Lactea has indicated that the print release will resolve these issues.

Original title 灵魂骚动, Soul Vibration is a web novel that ran for 96 chapters on GongziCP. A manhua adaptation was produced by Bilibili, and has not yet been licensed for an English release.

Via Lactea provides the following synopsis for Soul Vibration:

This novel describes the daily lives of a chart-topping rock band, LOTUS, told from the perspective of the bassist’s personal assistant. Independent singer-songwriter Chi Nan had to give up on his music dream after finding out about his incurable hearing defect. At the depths of his despair, the bassist of his favourite band, LOTUS, bought the rights to all his songs and made him his personal assistant. “Even if I become completely deaf, I can’t break free from myself. Even if half of me grows old, the other half will always remain within the dream named Rock and roll, the dream named Teenage Dream, named Salinger.