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Customer Complaints About GoodSmile Company’s Sagging Wei Wuxian Yiling Patriarch Statue

After no news for years, fans were elated when they finally received word that the gorgeous Yiling Patriarch Wei Wuxian statue from GoodSmile was finally scheduled for release. And surely they weren’t disappointed when it was finally in their eager hands: the figure was amazingly dynamic, exquisitely detailed, and would be the centerpiece to any fan’s collection for years to come.

Unfortunately, it seems that some fans have experienced issues. Those intricate swirls of demonic energy surrounding our favorite little necromancer sure look cool, but they can’t take the heat—literally. They’ll start sagging over time when exposed to warm temperatures. It seems that even fans who live in temperate areas of the world have reported issues.


A generous fan posted a guide on MyFigureCollection describing how they fixed their statue and constructed a support rig with acrylic craft rods. A fan on Twitter shared another solution involving some red strings, which results in a surprisingly aesthetic display. This Reddit thread has more solutions for affected fans.

The main takeaway is that the drooping bits can be carefully re-shaped with the application of heat from a hairdryer, and then chilled in a refrigerator to set them. However, this won’t prevent the problem from re-occurring—those who want a more permanent solution should consider bracing the larger swirls with acrylic craft rods, or tying them to a free-standing support with string or fishing wire. Fixing it is doable, but definitely not ideal, especially considering the figure’s hefty price tag.

GoodSmile has not given any public comment on the issue, and fans seeking support through their customer service have reported that they were given advice similar to what can be found in the threads linked above. It seems refunds or exchanges were not on the table, at least at time of query.

Although the problem is common, it’s worth noting that not all fans have reported or experienced issues with the figure; their Wei Wuxians are perky to this day. People affected by the problem can get their figure back into ship-shape with a hairdryer and night in the fridge—surely not the worst indignity Wei Wuxian had to suffer during his tenure as Yiling Patriarch.