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Via Lactea Announces License for LIP AND SWORD Novel Series

Via Lactea has announced its license acquisition of Jin Shisi Chai’s modern danmei series, Lip and Sword.

Original title 唇枪, Lip and Sword was originally published on gongicp and has a total of 49 chapters.  The novel has received both an audio drama adaptation from Ersan Jiulu Studio and a manhua adaptation from Bilibili.  Via Lactea will be publishing the English novel in three volumes, with translation credited to Queenie and Erin.

This is the second of Jin Shisi Chai’s works to be officially translated into English, following Peach Flower House’s release of In the Dark.

Via Lactea provided the following synopsis:

“The story begins with an injustice. Xing Ming, a news reporter, tries by any means possible to redress the injustice done to his father, including entangling himself with the chairman of his news channel.  Xing Ming and Yu Zhongye have a moving relationship, one that might have begun as a simple transaction of the carnal nature, but has, under the duress of day-to-day interactions, gradually deepened until both sides have developed feelings.”

Preorders for Lip and Sword begin February 24, 2023, and end March 25, 2023, with each volume listed for $23.99 CAN, or $25.99 CAN+ if purchased direct from their website. Preorders will include three postcards with the author’s printed signature on the back.  Other merch options available through Via Lactea’s website include magnets, file folders, and stamps.

Lip and Sword is scheduled for release in print and digital format on July 31, 2023.

Source: Via Lactea Twitter Account