University of the Underworld


Release Date:October 31, 2022
Availability:Digital Only
Age Rating:Unrated
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All ghosts in the Professional Malevolent Spirits and Creative Terrorizing Program aspire to become a top malevolent spirit of the underworld. And as for Cui Yue? He’s only here because of Bai Shaonan’s unrequited love for him—or at least that was what he thought. Oh well. If Bai Shaonan likes him, it won’t hurt to give a little feedback. But ever since he met Bai Shaonan, Cui Yue’s been spending all his time either being hunted, or on his way to being hunted. Hey Shaonan, do you want to fix your love life first?

After admitting a new student who would go on to break the record for the lowest grades in the school’s history, Bai Shaonan firmly believes that Cui Yue’s devotion to academia is solely because of himself. Oh well. If Cui Yue likes him, it won’t hurt to give a little feedback. But since Cui Yue is spending all his time either being hunted or on the way to being hunted, the only way toward a truly peaceful future is to deal with these issues, once and for all.

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