To Rule In A Turbulent World Vol. 1


Release Date:November 8, 2023
Availability:Digital Only
Age Rating:Mature (18+)
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Loosely based on the history of Song Dynasty, To Rule in a Turbulent World tells the story of You Miao, the dandy son of a merchant who climbed his way to the very top from rock bottom. We witness the history of a nation, from prosperity to decline, to a new order. Peace, war, internal strife; You Miao has lived through it all—but not without his loyal Quanrong slave-turned-husband, Li Zhifeng. Theirs is a story of undying devotion that combats racial boundaries in a time when the ethnic tribes of the north clashed with the Han empire. Together, they ruled the world! (Behind the scenes, of course.)

As friends, as foes, as friends turned foes and foes turned friends, the epic continues its song, and the most beautiful moonlight of the great desert is yet to come…

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