Rosmei is a Singapore-based publisher that primarily publishes books in Chinese. They have recently begun announcing licenses for English translations with distribution in Singapore.

Announcements are made via their official Twitter account.

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  • Coins of Destiny Vol. 1 cover
    Coins of Destiny: Liu Yao Vol. 1

  • Don’t You Like Me Vol. 1

  • Drowning Sorrows in Raging Fire Vol. 1

  • Everyone Loves the Cannon Fodder Vol. 1

  • Global Examination Vol. 1
  • Rosmei promotional image for How to Survive as a Villain Vol. 1
    How To Survive As A Villain Vol. 1

  • Kaleidoscope of Death Vol. 1

  • Killer of Killers Vol. 1

  • Nan Chan Vol. 1

  • Obsessed Vol. 1

  • The Defectives Vol. 1

  • The Earth Is Online Vol. 1

  • Wine and Gun Vol. 1
  • Wow~ You Guys Are Really Good at Gaming~
    Wow~ You Guys Are Really Good at Gaming~