Rosmei gave danmei fans a glimpse into the future with their announcement of four new licenses for English translation, coming in 2025:

  • Albert from Earth (阿尔伯特来自地球) – Jie Mo Jun
    Translated by GRain
  • Gold Class Enforcers (金牌打手) – Pao Pao Xue Er
    Translated by Helliot
  • The Bat (蝙蝠)- Feng Nong
    Translated by qianya
  • A Break in the Clouds (破云) – Huai Shang
    Translated by Veah, Adrian S. Mei

Albert from Earth, Gold Class Enforcers, and The Bat have been licensed with worldwide English rights as both print and digital editions, meaning buyers around the world should be able to purchase them once available. The Bat will be released as “either two slim volumes or one extremely thick volume, depending on the final word count of the manuscript.”

A Break in the Clouds is print-only and will be exclusively available from Rosmei in Singapore. The series is best known to existing English fans by its pinyin title, “Ponyun”, and will be released as five individual volumes.

Rosmei has added these new licenses to its website’s status page, which is periodically updated to reflect each series’s current state of production.

Rosmei does not provide a synopsis for any of their series–credit for the summaries below goes to NovelUpdates:

Albert from Earth

A space odyssey/oddity.
Six reasons to leave the earth, three ships flying to the unknown, and a future they seek.

Gold Class Enforcers

Yang Lei turned around. The moment he turned, with the sound of the wind, a brick smashed onto Yang Lei’s head. Yang Lei wasn’t even aware of when someone had gotten close from behind.

Fresh blood flowed down from his forehead, blurring his eyes. Through the spray of blood, Yang Lei saw a person. A tall and thin, clean man, expressionlessly smashing a second brick onto Yang Lei’s face.

A long time later Yang Lei recalled, what had left the deepest impression in his mind was that white dress shirt on the other person’s body. That white dress shirt was dazzling, white as snow, spotlessly clean; very few fighters dressed so cleanly. That white dress shirt was quickly dyed red with blood, Yang Lei’s blood.

They were gold class fighters, number one warriors of two crime bosses. They had experienced countless fierce battles, establishing their status in Jianghu. From rivals to friends, to brothers who would live together and die together.

What was a brother? Many years later, you say the word, my life, I give to you.

A man’s friendship, a man’s love.

The Bat

During Grand Elder Bai’s birthday banquet, the always mysterious Feng Long, the Alliance Leader of Wulin, came to personally offer his birthday wishes, making the old man brimming with smiles.

When the distinguished guest graced everyone with his presence, the joyous atmosphere grew even stronger. Whilst the eyes of the crowd as well as their admiration and envy focused on the pride of Wulin, Feng Long’s eyes, instead fell upon the most inconspicuous corner of the birthday banquet.

“I, Feng Long, am untalented. To think that there is such a handsome new talent in Wulin. May I ask this honorable friend for your name?”

The people from the Bai family secretly frowned. The guests in the hall were also distinguished and outstanding talents, why was it that the stain of the Bai Family, the most unloved by his father, the third young master of the Bai Family, who was not even allowed to learn the Bai family’s style of martial arts, had attracted the attention of the Alliance Leader, Feng Long?

This is the world-famous Bilu sword?

After one meeting, Bai Shaoqing immediately came to a conclusion: this person was powerful, he should not stay any longer at the Bai Family Manor. Out of the thirty-six stratagems, fleeing was the best answer.

Breaking Through the Clouds

Foreboding clouds raced across the skies above the city.

Three years ago, as a consequence of Commander-in-Chief Jiang Ting’s error in judgement during an anti-drug operation in Gongzhou, a chain of explosions occurred at the scene and caused the Narcotics Division to suffer heavy casualties. Now three years later, Jiang Ting, whose flesh and bones should’ve faded from existence after dying at the line of duty, actually miraculously woke up from a vegetative state.

His heroic soul could not rest – he must return to the mortal world from the depths of hell and exert all that he has in order to bring the bloody and inconceivable truth to light.

Rosmei has not yet shared release dates or preorder information for the four titles.

Source: Rosmei’s Official X (Twitter) Account