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Rosmei Shares First Draft Cover Design for English Edition of WINE AND GUN

Publisher Rosmei took to X/Twitter to share the cover for the first volume of their upcoming English edition of Wine and Gun.

No artist was credited with the reveal, although the artwork appears to be unique to Rosmei’s release. Rosmei specified that the cover is for display only and that “details are subject to the press proof photos provided during pre-order,” indicating they may make changes before it’s available to purchase.

Wine and Gun (酒与枪) is a danmei novel series written by written by Mengye Mengye. The story follows Albarino, a forensic pathologist and secret serial killer, whose careful planning is ruined when another serial killer gets to his latest target first. In response, he decides to provoke his rival.

Rosmei has no official synopsis for the series, but the following text can be seen on the back cover:

Compared to killing innocents, was killing guilty people that much better? Please, you’re already a homicidal maniac!

Rosmei originally revealed their English license of Wine and Gun in August of this year. No release date has been announced, although the publisher said pre-orders would be open next year and that the series would be released in seven volumes.