Heaven Official’s Blessing Season Two Airing Now: Where to Watch

Promotional image for Heaven Official's Blessing, Season 2, featuring Xie Lian and Hua Cheng.
Promotional image for Heaven Official’s Blessing, Season 2, featuring Xie Lian and Hua Cheng.


It’s finally here! If you’re looking for info on where to watch Heaven Official’s Blessing season two, we’ve got you covered below.

The second season of the Heaven Official’s Blessing / Tian Guan Ci Fu animated series—based on Mo Xiang Tong Xiu (MXTX)’s novel of the same name—aired its first episode on October 18, 2023. The series will air one new episode per week and for a total of twelve weeks. The season’s finale will release just in time for the final volume of the Heaven Official’s Blessing novel series, which is due to hit stores this November.

The fan-favorite Ghost City Arc is the headliner act for this season, but even the sensual dice-rolling lessons going on in the Gambler’s Den can’t stop the ever-popular Wind Master Shi Qingxuan from stealing the spotlight in his first proper introduction. The Green Ghost Qi Rong has also been teased in trailers, as well as a mysterious butterfly-masked State Preceptor who looks suspiciously like Xie Lian…


Where Can I Watch Season Two?

Fans around the world have the chance to watch the series as it releases and share in the excitement!

Crunchyroll is currently the only platform available for most English-speaking regions, including North/South America and Europe. Season Two’s episodes are available to subscribers, and release mostly simultaneously with Bilibili’s airing. Although the first season of the series is currently available on Netflix in these regions, it will likely take some time for season two to join the party; season one was complete when it was added to Netflix’s library.

Bilibili’s YouTube channel has episodes available for subscribers, but will only be available if you’re in a region in which the series hasn’t been licensed—same goes for the Bilibili.TV English-language site.

The main Bilibili site, which is in Chinese, is currently region-less and has the first episode (with English hard-subs) available for free. Subsequent episodes will be locked behind a paywall, which will require you to create a site account.


Need to Catch Up? Watch Heaven Official’s Blessing Season One Online:

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