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Seven Seas Entertainment Shares Cover for English Edition of Thousand Autumns: Qian Qiu Vol. 3

Publisher Seven Seas Entertainment has shared the cover for their upcoming English edition of Thousand Autumns: Qian Qiu Vol. 3.

Posting on Twitter/X, Seven Seas confirmed the cover and interior art are by Me.Mimo, the English edition’s official artist who has illustrated both the cover and interior B&W illustrations for the previous two volumes.

Thousand Autumns is a danmei novel series written by Meng Xi Shi. It follows Shen Qiao, a devout Daoist, and his rival Yan Wushi, the leader of a powerful demonic sect. When Shen Qiao is severely injured in a fight and loses his memories, Yan Wushi takes him in intending to lure him onto the demonic path. Thousand Autumns also has an animated adaptation that’s available for streaming.

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The official back cover description for Thousand Autumns: Qian Qiu Vol. 3 is as follows:


Despite the sting of Yan Wushi’s betrayal fresh on his heart, Shen Qiao rushes to save him from certain death only to arrive a moment too late—or so it seems. As rumor of Yan Wushi’s demise spreads far and wide, the winds of change stir across the land. Meanwhile, Shen Qiao seeks to heal Yan Wushi’s grave injuries, and realizes that his understanding of the Demon Lord runs only skin-deep. Yet fate does not allow the pair to remain idle for long.

When an old friend reveals his true nature, Shen Qiao and Yan Wushi have no choice but to aid him on a perilous mission. Only this time, humans aren’t the only monsters to fear.

Thousand Autumns: Qian Qiu Vol. 3 is scheduled to be released on January 2, 2024, with preorders currently open.