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Rosmei Reveals Covers for Kaleidoscope of Death Vol. 1 English Edition

Publisher Rosmei has shared on Twitter (X) the covers for their upcoming English release of Xi Zi Xu’s Kaleidoscope of Death Vol. 1.

No artist was officially credited, though the illustration comes from lofter artist 北涣 (beihuan810), who posted the fan work in March 2021.

Kaleidoscope of Death (死亡万花筒) is part of Rosmei’s Infinite Flow license set that was announced this past July. The series will be released as six paperback volumes, with the two different covers shown in the images above representing the first volume’s cover and dust jacket.

The back cover blurb, as provided by the official translator, jiuxiaoer, is as follows:

The initial abnormality was his cat at home refusing to let him carry it.

Lin Qiushi realised that incongruity began to permeate everything in his surroundings.

Then one day, when he pushed open the door to his home, he found that the hallway he was familiar with had turned into an extended corridor.

At the ends of this corridor, there were twelve metal doors, each identical to each other.

This is how the story began.

No release date has been given for Kaleidoscope of Death except for the promise of a 2024 debut. Kaleidoscope of Death‘s English edition will be print exclusives with no ebooks available and sold exclusively in Singapore.

Source: Official Rosmei Twitter (X) Account