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Via Lactea Announces English eBook Release for Modern Danmei SALAD DAYS

Via Lactea has announced the upcoming release of its e-book publication for Jing Shui Bian’s modern danmei Salad Days.

Original title 经久, Salad Days was published on JJWXC and gongzicp in 2018, and for a total of 63 chapters, including extras.  A manhua based on the novel, called Pirouette into My Heart, is available on Kuaikan (Chinese) and Tapas (English).

In the official announcement on Twitter, Via Lactea summarizes the story as follows:

“This is a story about a poor but gentle, honest ballet boy and a passionate, determined boxing boy. The two met at the Children’s Center, and since then, they’ve grown up supporting each other—even in the face of hardships and challenges—as they resolutely pursue their dreams.”

There is no information about an upcoming physical release.

Update February 24, 2022

Via Lactea has announced physical copy preorders for Salad Days, which will be published in two volumes, each with a double-sided dust jacket featuring art and author blurbs.  Preorders will begin March 11, 2022 and end May 5, 2022.

Those who place preorders will receive two postcards as freebies, and those who preorder within the first two hours will receive a postcard with a handwritten note and signature from the author.  Other merch options include bookmarks, faux event tickets, and acrylic keychains.

UPDATE: Salad Days is now available for purchase.

Source: Via Lactea’s Twitter Account