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Peach Flower House Licenses Danmei Novel LITTLE MUSHROOM

Book publisher Peach Flower House has announced its acquisition of the science-fiction novel series Little Mushroom by author Shisi.

Little Mushroom takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting where the same cosmic radiation that has nearly wiped out humanity has also caused the mutation of other living beings. An Zhe, the little mushroom of the title, is one such being. In search of his spore, he enters a militarized human base and must try to survive under the watchful eyes of the Judges tasked with finding and eliminating non-human beings like himself.

Little Mushroom was the Silver Award Winner at the 2021 Xingyun Awards for Global Chinese Science Fiction for Best Original Novel and is a big fan-favorite in English translation circles. It also received an audio drama adaptation from MissEvan (Chinese only).

The novel is scheduled to debut in February 2022. Further information on specific release dates and preorders is coming soon, however, the promotional image shows the original two-volume print edition implying that the English release will be two volumes as well.

UPDATE: Little Mushroom Volumes 1-2 Are Now Available to Purchase

Source: Peach Flower House’s Official Website