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Via Lactea Announces Upcoming English eBook Release for Modern Danmei THE MISSING PIECE

Via Lactea has announced the release of its e-book publication for Kun Yi Wei Lou’s modern danmei The Missing Piece.

Original title 貌合神离, The Missing Piece was originally published on JJWXC in 2018, The Missing Piece ran for a total of 38 chapters.  

In the official announcement on Twitter, Via Lactea summarizes the story as follows:

“Ever Since the incident three years ago, art school graduate Shen Mo hasn’t been able to paint with his right hand.  He’s currently working a desk job in a company owned by the Ji fmily, one of the wealthiest families in the city.  Unbeknownst to his coworkers, however, he has a far more important role: the fake lover of the Ji family’s young CEO, Ji Mingxuan.

Ever the perfectionist, Ji Mingxuan makes Shen mo put on the full act both in public and in the bedroom.  Their fake relationship stays this way, until Ji Mingxuan’s sister returns from abroad with her boyfriend—Shen Mo’s ex.

Once the four are reunited, the nightmares that Shen mo has tried so desperately to escape catch up to him at last.  As the lovers’ pretense becomes more and more real, Shen Mo begins to learn about the things that Ji Mingxuan is keeping from him, as well as the truth of what really happened three years ago.

Only one question left: What will become of a love founded on pretense?”

Via Lactea has noted on Twitter that a physical copy will be made available in late 2021.

Update October 22, 2021

Via Lactea has announced physical copy preorders for The Missing Piece, which will be published in a single volume.  Preorders will begin October 30, 2021 and end December 30, 2021.

Those who place preorders will receive an author autograph card as a freebie, and those who preorder within the first 12 hours will receive a postcard with the author’s signature and a handwritten quote.  Other merch options include faux plane tickets and lenticular cards.

UPDATE: The Missing Piece is now available for purchase.

Update March 31, 2023

Over a year after preorders closed, Via Lactea has begun sending out copies of The Missing Piece. To provide transparency to their customers, the publisher has opened a form that details the progress of their current English licenses.