All Episodes of The Emperor’s Strategy Donghua Now Available to Stream

The Emperor’s Strategy (白月照楚渊) is a donghua series that aired in 2018. It’s an adaptation of Yu Xiao Lanshan’s The Emperor’s Strategy novel series and consists of 20 episodes.

From Viki:

“Having ascended to the Imperial throne of Chu State at the age of just 18, Chu Yuan is hoping for a peaceful reign. But during his first year as Emperor, a bloody rebellion threatens to break out. Unrest begins to brew at the southwestern border between Chu lands and the neighboring Xinan Kingdom. Chu Yuan prepares to intervene. But before he can do anything, the rebellion is quashed by Duan Bai Yue, the young ruler of the Xinan.

The two men form an uneasy alliance. Their relationship threatens to lurch from love to hate…to possible attraction. But as they grow more mature, some begin to worry that Duan Bai Yue could have designs on the Chu throne. When a key Chu ally is found dead, suspicion falls on Duan Bai Yue. But can the two men’s bond and pure hearts help them quell the forces of aggression – and lead them down the path of reconciliation?”

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